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Shasta divisions 17th crossing of the Sacramento River
Shasta divisions 18th crossing of the Sacramento River Cantara
Riverside Citrus District in N scale

Monday, March 21, 2011

Progress on the Santa Fe's Riverside Passenger Depot

This weekend (3-19-2011) infrustructure work around the depots. Grade crossing at 8th st. and 9th st. were installed. Grading and driveways were installed or improved to allow ingress and egress on both sides of 8th st. behind the Freight depot and passenger depot.
Since most of the Riverside scene is mounted on a flat piece of homasote elevation changes are minimal. This is fairly consistant with the prototype. Upcoming pictures will show the progress of the area between 8th and 9th st. The Structures that will be featured in this scene are the Santa Fe freight house and Kelly's feed. Most of the construction has been completed on these structures except for some minimal amount of out fiting of specialized equipment for Kelly's feed. Behind this scene in a low releif backdrop scene will be McDermont Fruit and the Lumber company. (example of low releif

Friday, March 4, 2011


After responding to a fellow member of the N scale trainboard regarding using Homasote, I decided that I might elaborate my comments and share it here on my Blog. Having built a few model railroads along the way I have developed some preferences. One of the preferences I have been holding to for the last three layouts is the use of Homasote. Prior to using homasote I used cork split roadbed over plywood. This method usually ended up with track not as precisely positioned as intended. I have come to prefer Homasote for my track foundation because it accepts spiking with minimal movement of the track in the process. That is I use rail spikes to set the position of the track not to hold the track down. In fact after all the ballast is glued and set the spikes could be removed. Along the way I tried some of the Homabed produced by Richard Jayne. In summary Richard produces a pre-cut Homasote product shaped much the same as the split cork road bed product commonly avaliable. A lot of people who have used his Homabed like it. I have tried and have had some success with it. My only gripe is the split directly in the middle. Since I am using the Homasote primarily because of its ability to set the track right where I want it I depend on the visual center line. Many times the track has a spike hole in the middle of the tie. The holes can be used to set the track on a center line thus providing excellent alignment. However a conflict that jeopardizes good alignment can happen with the the glue that seeps up in the joint of the Homabed. In some cases particularly with flex track (the kind that does not have spike holes) it can be overcome by simply placing the spikes in an offset position.

Spline Roadbed?

In the future I intend on experimenting with one of the alternative methods "Masonite spline". I am hoping to meet with someone who has expereince with this method and willing to share what they have learned. So far I have had the benefit of some illustrations I have found online. But I am looking forward to meeting someone with expereince with the method and watching the construction process.