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Thursday, October 20, 2011

N scale fun, friends and swapmeets (BP and BS)

That's right BP Balboa Park and BS Belmont Shores. Well the last two weekends have been fun with model trains and swapping. It started at the Balboa park model railroad in San Diego 10-10-2011 with my friend Tom. Then on the next weekend 10-17-2011 we joined up with a few more friends Bill(the wheel man for this operation)and JJ. It was on now for the Gang of four, from here to the Belmont shores N scale swap meet.

Although its a little bit of a drive, the four of us friends carpooled down from the IE to San Pedro for this event. For this trip it meant getting up earlier than I normally do "4am". Then on to Rendezvous at Bill's at 5:30am. Unfortunately I was the late one(sorry guy's) I hope they'll still invite me again sometime. Anyway I hadn't participated in a lot of swap meets so I just grabbed the box from the previous weekend swap meet. All of this stuff I had been meaning to sell on Ebay but hadn't got around to it yet. Although the stuff I sold would have probably fetched more on Ebay the experience would have been void of getting out with friends and other like minded people who enjoy the hobby.

Upon arriving at the Belmont Shores compound one of the guys said "Oh No its that guy". Upon looking out the front windshield I look and see the Tomcat and he was in full form out on the prey. You'll find him bending the ear of many swapper or otherwise scooping up all the best deals at most every model railroad event in SoCal. Then upon driving further up we see Chuck and the table of Athearn (and a few other goodies) Across the way was more sellers, one of whom had some great deals one of which I could not pass up a LL SD9 detailed and painted SP BW. Bruce and his N scale multi-table sensory overload. It was great.

One of the special moments at the event happened at the end when Bill had a negotiation with a youngster. The young man made an offer to Bill of Five dollars on one of Bills items. Bill said no way that's way to much and then proceeded to negotiate his own item down to a buck. Of coarse the youngster was elated but so was Bill and so was I. All in all it was a great deal of fun. Thanks Bill for driving and thanks Tom and JJ for the camaraderie you're the coolest.