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This is for my friends who just want to see the most recent photos Latest progress no rantings or stories. Below
the links take you to photo bucket slide shows categorized by each site. They start out with the most recent progress and work backwards through the construction stages.
Shasta divisions 17th crossing of the Sacramento River
Shasta divisions 18th crossing of the Sacramento River Cantara
Riverside Citrus District in N scale

Sunday, April 24, 2011

About blogging

I was very apprehensive about blogging. I was concerned that it would end up taking time away from my preffered past time (building the layout). So far it has actually been good. The blog in its nature is a diary. In this case an open diary that causes me to be more disaplined in my effort. As I work I am thinking about how I am going to record the work until the next blog. In turn when I am blogging I am thinking about what work I will be doing next. This context seems to be improving my performance.
Of coarse blogging is away to show others your work and through that there can be satisfaction and encouragement. Although according to my blogging stats I am not really getting that many visits nor have I got any followers yet. I still feel the process has helped. In example since the beggining of the year I have accomplished more tasks then last year in total. I am thinking my next blog will be about the task lists I am keeping at various parts of the layout. Anyway until the next post signing out Joe

Monday, April 18, 2011

McDermont Building

The last couple of work sessions have been dedicated to the McDermont building at Riverside.  The structure stands between 8th and 9th st. in Riverside and that is where it is located in my model scene.  It was a difficult decision whether or not to keep the scene as pure as possible or to embellish by turning the building 90 degrees so that the mission revival styled front entrance would face the tracks.  Since the model sits towards the back of the scene it was created as a low relief structure.  As a result its exposure is limited to one side.  I decided to go the pure route and modeled the block constructed rail access side.

The building really is a classic of the citrus packing structures of its time.  It has all the features that stand out amongst this particular type structure.  It has the Mission revival facade, four point saw tooth roof, block construction with some great wood and tin add on features and last but not least three rail access freight doors.    Although the scene is a secondary layer modeled in the low relief model technique I did add a few details that are intended to draw your eye away from the minimal depth  The details consist of two open doors in the center that expose some stacks of crates and a support of McDermont building

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Riverside irrigation canal (4-2-11)

Progress was made at the site of the irrigation districts canal next to the Santa Fe tracks at Riverside this past weekend.  I have not taken any pictures of the work performed on the irrigation canal yet.  However so far the concrete lining has been installed in between 7th and 12th St.. The highway and road crossings have been completed at 8th St. (Hwy60/395) and at 9th St.. Work at 7th St.has not been scheduled yet but will begin as soon as plans for the scenes transition from the Coastline route have been finalized.A view of the canal to the right of the tracks