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Shasta divisions 17th crossing of the Sacramento River
Shasta divisions 18th crossing of the Sacramento River Cantara
Riverside Citrus District in N scale

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Joe's NL&SC: National Ice and Cold Storage

Joe's NL&SC: National Ice and Cold Storage: In the Riverside California scene during the era of which I model (40's and 50's era) stood a tall behemoth of a structure called the Nation...

National Ice and Cold Storage

In the Riverside California scene during the era of which I model (40's and 50's era) stood a tall behemoth of a structure called the National Ice and Cold Storage.  As far as icing service for the railroad goes I think it only served the Union Pacific.  None the less it sat right in between both the Union Pacific and the Santa Fe right of ways.  It has been a real tough assignment collecting dimensional and photographic information especially from the Santa Fe side of the structure.  Thankfully Jim Lancaster has offered some of his Citrus industry collection on line.  His website along with some personal attention to this particular project of mine have been very critical to putting this scene together, Thanks again Jim.
I have had one false start on this project already and hope to get it nailed down this next go around.  It remains the last major part of my Riverside scene.  The rest of the structures that I will be making will be less specific to the locale and more of an improvisational effort.  That is more emphasis on the type of service they provided.  So as it is now I will have the National Ice and Cold Storage at one end and the Santa Fe/Pacific Electric interlock at the other end.  All of the major structures in between will be in their proper place and order and as accurate as I can make them.  With the exception of this National Ice and Cold Storage all these structures are for the most part done.  Catipillar building, Santa Fe Passenger station,  Santa Fe Freight station, Hal Kelly's Feed,  The McDermont Packing house.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Thanks to Pals

This weekend (2-25-12) I met Tom and Bill two of my railroad hobby pals at the Round House Gang's swap meet.  The Round House Gang model railroad club has been hosting these swap meets for decades and have gotten quite good at it.   As a participant it appeared that the event went well.  Hopefully those in charge and the Church parish are pleased with event and we'll see more here. This particular meet was held at the Adelaide Catholic Church church in Highland.  The event had been previously held at the Janet Goeske Senior center in Riverside, before that the Redland's Armory.  So to Larry C, Gary W and Herman of the Round House Gang and to the Adelaide Catholic Church Thank You.
While at the event Tom found an A&B set of 200 class SF F7's that he set aside for me.  The F7's This was a pleasant surprise as I had my eye out for a set of these for a while now.  They will be shopped and then put out for service very soon.  Apparently the previous owner of the F7 pulled out the pilot coupler and never repaired it.  However that is easily fixed.  The real treat of the event was a SD&AE caboose that Tom S prepared at his shop and a Datsun truck that Bill gave up out of a set he had purchased.  Thanks Tom and Bill for another great swap meet Saturday morning.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Hope all who read this are having or have had a Merry Christmas this year 2011.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Obnoxious dealer on my stink list

A while back I joined a model railroad chat group. Now it is my belief that the particular chat group I am talking about probably sells its members names to internet marketing companies. I say that because I noticed that shortly after I joined the group I started getting solicited by hobby dealers that I was unfamiliar with. Since I am a model railroad enthusiast the solicitations didn’t bother me. Then the solicitations began to increase. Now I am receiving several solicitations per day. One particular dealer sent three unique solicitations in one day. Now some of you are probably thinking just direct it to the spam filter. This I have done however the method they are using seems to be coded in such a way that they make it through. Anyway as a result of this obnoxious over the top “constant contact” I have come to dislike a particular dealer I have never met or dealt with. In forty years of enthusiasm for model trains and for hearing from those that deal in them I never thought the day would come when I would say enough is enough. Which brings me to this recollection, do you remember a while back when telemarketing reached its zenith in obnoxiousness. Anyway a guy named Tom Mabe took action and got justice that many of us benefited from if only vicariously. Never the less it felt good to hear Tom Mabe’s gotcha moment with one of those pesky telemarketers.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What a mess

Work continues on the Shasta Division.  So far little to show other than this mess

Monday, November 14, 2011

After the weekend 11-12-2011

Although I have not been blogging much about the NL&SC lately a lot has been going on.
  • Improvements at 7th St. have been performed. 
  • The Santa Fe tower for service at the Pacific Electric crossing has been built. 
  • Some additional outfitting of Kelly's Feed has been installed. 
  • An additional layer of detail has been added to the Passenger Depot at Riverside. 
  • The Caterpillar company's building and off site construction has been started.