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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

National Ice and Cold Storage

In the Riverside California scene during the era of which I model (40's and 50's era) stood a tall behemoth of a structure called the National Ice and Cold Storage.  As far as icing service for the railroad goes I think it only served the Union Pacific.  None the less it sat right in between both the Union Pacific and the Santa Fe right of ways.  It has been a real tough assignment collecting dimensional and photographic information especially from the Santa Fe side of the structure.  Thankfully Jim Lancaster has offered some of his Citrus industry collection on line.  His website along with some personal attention to this particular project of mine have been very critical to putting this scene together, Thanks again Jim.
I have had one false start on this project already and hope to get it nailed down this next go around.  It remains the last major part of my Riverside scene.  The rest of the structures that I will be making will be less specific to the locale and more of an improvisational effort.  That is more emphasis on the type of service they provided.  So as it is now I will have the National Ice and Cold Storage at one end and the Santa Fe/Pacific Electric interlock at the other end.  All of the major structures in between will be in their proper place and order and as accurate as I can make them.  With the exception of this National Ice and Cold Storage all these structures are for the most part done.  Catipillar building, Santa Fe Passenger station,  Santa Fe Freight station, Hal Kelly's Feed,  The McDermont Packing house.

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