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Monday, February 27, 2012

Thanks to Pals

This weekend (2-25-12) I met Tom and Bill two of my railroad hobby pals at the Round House Gang's swap meet.  The Round House Gang model railroad club has been hosting these swap meets for decades and have gotten quite good at it.   As a participant it appeared that the event went well.  Hopefully those in charge and the Church parish are pleased with event and we'll see more here. This particular meet was held at the Adelaide Catholic Church church in Highland.  The event had been previously held at the Janet Goeske Senior center in Riverside, before that the Redland's Armory.  So to Larry C, Gary W and Herman of the Round House Gang and to the Adelaide Catholic Church Thank You.
While at the event Tom found an A&B set of 200 class SF F7's that he set aside for me.  The F7's This was a pleasant surprise as I had my eye out for a set of these for a while now.  They will be shopped and then put out for service very soon.  Apparently the previous owner of the F7 pulled out the pilot coupler and never repaired it.  However that is easily fixed.  The real treat of the event was a SD&AE caboose that Tom S prepared at his shop and a Datsun truck that Bill gave up out of a set he had purchased.  Thanks Tom and Bill for another great swap meet Saturday morning.