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the links take you to photo bucket slide shows categorized by each site. They start out with the most recent progress and work backwards through the construction stages.
Shasta divisions 17th crossing of the Sacramento River
Shasta divisions 18th crossing of the Sacramento River Cantara
Riverside Citrus District in N scale

Monday, November 14, 2011

After the weekend 11-12-2011

Although I have not been blogging much about the NL&SC lately a lot has been going on.
  • Improvements at 7th St. have been performed. 
  • The Santa Fe tower for service at the Pacific Electric crossing has been built. 
  • Some additional outfitting of Kelly's Feed has been installed. 
  • An additional layer of detail has been added to the Passenger Depot at Riverside. 
  • The Caterpillar company's building and off site construction has been started. 

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